How to implement reading into your daily life

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Reading is an amazing hobby to pick up on, that can bring numerous benefits to your life! From improved vocabulary and language skills to enhanced brain function and a stress reliever!

However, for many of us, finding the time and motivation to read can be a struggle. If you're looking to make reading more of a part of your daily routine, here are a few tips to help you get started!

1) Time

Choosing a dedicated time to read every week, every other day or everyday! Staying highly focused and fixated on something new can be challenging, so you should implement reading one step at a time. Don’t force or over-tire yourself to read all the time at once or you can be pulled away from reading!

You can read for as long as you’d like; before bed, during your lunch break, on the weekends or when you have nothing else to do for the day. If you consistently read at a certain time, it’ll be the norm for you and you’ll automatically read whenever it’s time!

2) Genre

Choosing a book that suits you is a gamechanger. If you’re reading something that genuinely doesn't interest you then it can be difficult to stay motivated to read. It’s best to start off with a book that contains any interests you already have. This can be “how to guides” or “crime novels” etc. Always read the blurb and the description of a book before reading, see if it hooks you in, if it doesn’t…it’s best not to bother reading it.

3) Lists and Goals

Having a list of books you’d like to read can help you stay intrigued in reading, since you already know what book you’d like to read next and you may wonder what the book will be like, boosting your curiosity.

Setting a goal can also be the way when trying something new. You could set a goal to read 50 pages a day, or to complete 12 books in a year! You’re more likely to accomplish that goal because you’re eager to tick it off! You could also consider joining a reading challenge or a book club, you’d be surrounded by people in the same position and interests as you, motivating you even more!

4) Choosing a reading spot

Finding a comfortable spot to read in is much more effective than you may think! Having a dedicated place to read can make it feel more special and enjoyable. Consider curling up in bed reading, or find a quiet spot at the library or a coffee shop to read in.