How to find your skin undertone

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Skin undertones are the subtle hues that are beneath the surface of your skin. Knowing your skin undertone is vital when choosing the right makeup, clothing and jewellery to help compliment your complexion, giving you a healthy glow.

In this article, we will delve into the world of skin undertones - how to determine your skin undertone, and how to enhance your undertones for a more flattering and radiant look.

1. The Vein Test

One common method is the vein test. I recommend looking at the veins in and around your face, neck and wrist to truly identify your undertone in natural lighting; if your veins appear to be blue or purple, you most likely have cool undertones, but if your veins appear green, you're likely to have warm undertones.

If it's difficult for you to determine whether they are blue or green, you may have neutral undertones. Which is a mix of both warm and cool, so I opt for matching makeup and clothing to your skin tone itself.

2. The Jewellery Test

Another method is the jewellery test. Put on a piece of gold and silver jewellery, such as a necklace or a ring, and compare which metal is more complimentary to your skin.

You should look out for which metal gives you a healthy glow and evens out your skin, your jawline may even look more lifted and narrower!

If gold looks more flattering, you're likely to have warm undertones. However, if silver looks better, you're likely to have cool undertones. And if both metals suit you, you probably have neutral undertones - Lucky you!

3. Off-White vs Pure White Test

The white vs. off-white test involves comparing how your skin looks against pure white and off-white.

Put on a pure white piece of clothing and then an off-white piece of clothing, or hold a piece of pure/off white cloth next to your face in bright, natural light.

If your skin looks pink or rosy by comparison, you're cool toned. If your face looks more yellow, your undertone is warm. If you can wear both colours without feeling like you look washed out, you may have a neutral undertone!

4. The Sun Exposure Test

Sun exposure can also reveal your undertones. If you tend to tan easily and have a warm, golden hue after exposure to the sun, you most likely have warm undertones.

However, if you burn easily and have a pinkish or reddish hue, you most likely have cool undertones. And if you tan and burn equally, you may have neutral undertones.

Warm Undertones Analysis

Warm undertones are normally associated with natural earth tones such as browns, deep tonal reds, and rich shades of green. Bright colours also make the perfect match. Gold jewellery will also enhance your skin tone better than silver.

For makeup, go for shades of peach, coral, and golden browns for your lips and cheeks.

Cool Undertones Analysis

Cool undertones generally work well with jewel-toned colours such as emerald green, royal purple and sapphire blue.

Also, when it comes to dressing cooler skin tones, it's best to avoid bold and strong colours, such as electric blue or grassy green and oranges or yellows. You may also find that silver and rose gold jewellery complement your skin better than gold.

When it comes to makeup, go for shades of pink, berry, and blue-based reds for your lips and cheeks.

Neutral Undertone Analysis

Neutral tones look great in neutral colours, opt for sticking with shades that fall in the middle of the colour spectrum such as white, beige, and taupe. I also suggest gravitating towards shades of light peach, dusty pinks or peony pink, placid blue and jade or cameo green.

Some colours you may want to avoid are reds, yellows, and anything too bright or vibrant that can be overwhelming will typically wash you out, but if you do decide to wear yellow, try a soft version like cornsilk or buff.

And you may find that both silver and gold jewellery complement your skin equally well, and you can experiment with various colour palettes for makeup and clothing.

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